March 15, 2015

Carpet installation - what a difference

It's finally time to get the carpet in. Of course it could have been installed any time, 
but why get it dirty while doing all that other work? 

High beam foot switch re-installed first - 

Taped up any last bits until it was all perfectly sealed -

                                                  I kinda like the all-silver look....

To get the carpet to fit up front a hole for the trans cable was required. I always use a soldering iron to melt - rather than cut -  carpets for any holes require, including seat bolts, seat belt hold-downs and the like. Melting is more accurate, easier and -most importnantly - doesn't leave areas where the carpet can fray, split or tear. Just be sure you carefully measure and locate the holes before melting!

After a few days - and some well-placed weight - the carpet will lay down flat, helped by tucking it into the kick panels, install the door sill plates and pushing it under the rear seat. What a difference!

           All this shop work is HARD on the hooves!  I use Shoe-Goo for a lot of things around the                                shop, but only rarely for what is was originally intended for - shoe repair!