February 11, 2012

Tying up some loose ends

Finished up the Left Rear Torque Box and put some RustBullet on it. I may put a skiff of fiberglass over the rail repair - just for aesthetics, but that's about all it needs. Can't imagine too many people are ever gonna see the inside of this rear frame rail - but it's the way I roll. ;)

Also today, the '56 Chevrolet Pickup left today on the flat bed. Drove it out of the shop and everything seemed to be working, but I'll get it back in the spring to do a few things, not the least of which is an antifreeze leak that started at the heater core as I drove it up onto the deck - ARRG!

The operator was about to winch it up onto the deck, but I had enough confidence in it to take a run at it and hold the brakes while he evened it out. First run didn't take as the rear tires spun in the ice - so, against my own better judgement I backed it up about 20 feet and took a run at it! Up she went and thank GOD the brakes worked! LOL!!

She Shore looked PRETTY in the sunlight - didn't She?!  Good-bye sweetheart....but we'll have her back in the spring for road testing, a few final things that I'm sure will come up...not the least of which will be an antifreeze leak I saw at the heater box as I drove it up the ramp. Although it's been running quite a bit in the shop, it hadn't really produced any pressure until just now. Figures.

Don't forget how it showed up:

NB - Just want to say that this is the "template" I want all my future restorations (for others) to take. The family was into it, the owner was thrilled with it and visited often, the Son and Son-in-Law came out to help a few times,  and the bills where paid all the way along! I actually spent $200 and 18 hours of my own after the last payment and didn't even care - because the entire project was enjoyable for me too.

Good luck to the Crozon's and their "re-NEWed" truck - enjoy the attention it brings!

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