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January 29, 2012

Torque box V - Right side

The Right side looked better than the left. If I where a lazy man, I'd say it was hardly worth doing....

Until I poked a screw driver through it....

Once I saw how bad it really was, I new I had to start cutting. As you can see, I remove the gaurds from all my grinders in order to be able to use much more of the tool. It can be rather dangerous if you don't pay attention and even so, I've gotten a few cuts and burns right through gloves while cutting metal.

Check out all the dirt, mud and rusted metal that was residing in the box and frame rail - unreal! This is what causes rust to form so heavily - a place for moisture to remain, along with chemicals that are put on the roadways in winter: salt and potash mostly. I wish I had done these when I got the car 8 years ago!

Once the worst rust was cut out - back to strong, cleaner metal - I removed all the loose dirt, scale and rust by scraping and vacuuming, using the long hose attached to the vacuum to reach into the frame rail and rocker panel. Once cleaned, I'll put several coats of Rust Bullet's single stage Epoxy on the areas I can reach, plus Eastwood's Internal Frame Coating with it's long tube applicator, on areas I cannot reach.

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