January 21, 2012


The owners of the 1956 Chevrolet 3100 Truck gave me this Die Cast Replica as a token of their appreciation for doing the restoration. Ironically, I appreciate THEIR gesture and for being such a great family to do a restoration for!

Although it's a '55 model, it's incredibly close in color and overall look! It'll look great with my other collectibles, which I keep on a shelf along the ceiling in the shop.

Being in a hockey town I even have Joe Thornton MVP stick, that Mrs E. got when she worked for Kelloggs.... It's one of the few non-automotive items in the shop.

I bought this Datsun 240Z die-cast when I decided I would rebuild our Datsun for my son Colton. It's a great motivator of just how nice these cars where - and can be. I'm not sure why they would make a 1972 version of all the years to choose from though - our car (the real one) is an early '71, which is much more desirable.

Just a little ways to go before the real one looks the same! Why haven't I removed the glass yet?

Lastly, my collections also include some cool vintage HotRod Magazines and "personalized plates" for my other cars.

Vintage magazines, Mrs E-tek's race-suit, plate for the 46 Merc.

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