December 28, 2011

And now, for something completely different....

Life can't only be about cars (unfortunately!). But being a creative sort, I try to make as many things as I can. Last month we finished a major renovation of our bedroom,main/en suite bath and I built Mrs. E-tek a walk-in closet and changing area. For Xmas, I promised her a closet ironing board. This way she doesn't have to  run to the laundry area (downstairs) to iron stuff to wear.

To make it fit the overall theme, I bought a door that matches the wall-set that I installed earlier in her closet. I wanted it to be bigger than a "travel" size board which are barely big enough for her undies, but still small enough to be hidden away - and be out of the way - when it's not in use.

First things first -  cover up the cars in the shop!

 I cut down a pine door jamb to make the box - no MDF here. This will locate the door hinges, as well as the board itself. Glue and brad nails made it solid.

The door makes the entire thing look pro. No more college-style living for us!

The ironing board portion needs a leg that folds out to hold it up. Making it all fit was going to be a challenge... and making it all fir, even more so. What I did was locate a hinge on the underside of the board for the leg and then, to make the leg long enough to reach the ground, I'll have a second leg piece hinge off the first with a piece of heavy fabric (leather?).

Here it is all mocked up.  Tomorrow I'll sand the filler I put in the staple and screw holes, then attach the hinges. I need to have it installed in the closet before I go pick Mrs. E and the kids up at the in-laws!

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