April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend - time alone!!

Every year on Easter weekend, the lovely Mrs E-tek takes our two boys, Thing 1 and Thing 2, to the in-laws farm. That leaves me time to work on my projects and go to the big Draggins car show. This year I have the Cougar, the 240Z and now 4 engines I want to rebuild.

Today, in preparation of that, I finally got out to the home of  "FOMOKO1",  FTE moderator (SK chapter), car, truck and farm implement enthusiast and collector, crack Bobcat Owner/Operator and all-around great guy. Once at his compound, we loaded up a 390FE - 4 barrel that he had come across, for what will hopefully be a strong stocker to swap into my '67 Galaxie.

FOMOKO loves all things Ford, as you can see by the Ford 800 Series Tractor next to my (Ackk!) Dodge mini-van. He alsways has a variety of great toys around the yard and one can look into building after building and always find something interesting - and I mean INTERESTING!

It's getting harder and harder to find a decent 390FE, especially one with what looks to be an original Holley 4 barrel and intake. This one will get opened up a bit, all new bearings, rings and seals, as well as the headers I bought to go with the dual 2.5" exhaust I previously installed on the Galaxie.
Close up of the 800 Series. It's in very decent shape for a working tractor. Still has the 6V Positive ground system. The owner, Morris, uses it to pull his yard mower.

The 390FE  barely made it into the Dodge Van! But even with the extra 4-5" of the cherry picker, we always manage to get them in and haul them home. Ignore the haters! The Dodge MiniVan is one of the most useful, utilitarian and cost-effective vehicle out there!!

Also happening today - the 1956 Chevrolet 1/2 ton was being tidied up and a few bugs worked out in advance of the big Draggin's Car Show, held every Easter Weekend in Saskatoon. It was entered by invitation, to be shown as one in  a presentation of 10 Chevrolet Trucks.

This weekend - beside being at the Draggin's show - I'll get busy on cleaning/tearing down the engines in order to get at least 3 of them into the machinist, plus cut some metal out of the Cougar and the 240Z projects!

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