November 27, 2011

Today, being Sunday, was reserved for family time, as well as some clean-up and organizing in the shop. My son Colt came in (in his PJ's!) and decided to do some work on his project, the 1971 Datsun 240Z. Of course it's up on the rotisserie, so he has to step in through the sunroof....

Having several engines that need rebuilding in the shop, I needed more shelving for storing the parts. As anyone who's taken apart a car or engine knows, as soon as you take something apart, it's space requirements expand exponentially. If you don't a lot of empty space to put all the parts, fasteners and new stuff, you'll end up piling parts on top of other stuff, making a mess and you risk becoming totally disorganized. 

I save everything.  to make the shelves, I took a bunch of scrap wood from a deck I dismantled about 5 ears back, as well as some bi-fold closet doors that came out of our bedroom for the renovation. Now re-purposed, I have an extra 15' of shelf space to store the engine parts!

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