February 5, 2012

A break in the action.

Since I took today (Sunday) off, I thought I'd update y'all on my 46 MERC. In this mild winter we;ve been having, I've left it outside and have even started it a couple times! I have a thermostatically-controlled blocks-heater (magnetic) and battery charger on it. It was out front for a few months with Christmas lights on it - neighbours LOVED it. I just moved it to the back.

As you can see I had the doors lettered this spring - whole nuther story there.... and it's still getting used as it should be!  Was going to do the lettering myself - and as usual - I should have! But decided to take it to an old-time sign painter, told him what I wanted - even (tried to ) confirm he knew what I meant....

Insread, he just thinned out the paint a little and painted away! When I got it home I burnished it best I could, but it was dry - and tough!  NExt spring I'll rub it out some more.

Here's me taking some engine blocks to the recyclers. They sucked them out of the truck with the giant magnet!

I like this shot - 2 FORD products, 50+ years apart. They don't make 'em like they used to...GOOD or BAD??  Less style, better made!

This spring the Old Man is getting new tires  - full WhiteWalls -  and I'll paint the rims a cream color. I've been considering finally switching over to 12V as well. As much as I like the kitchiness and old-school flavour of 6V, it sometimes strands me as it turns over soooo slowly. Everything else remains the same.

Don't forget to check out the website at www.E-tekRestorations.com !

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