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March 9, 2015

Quarter windows and adjustments....

Swapping original seals to new verticle chrome pieces: 

New quarter glass roller came in fast and was swapped in prior to install:

After a ton of work (see previous quarter window install) the quarter glass is installed. But something was off. No matter how I adjusted this side, I couldnt get it to slide smoothly without contacting the quarter panel edge...

So I got out the measuring tape and started comparing side to side....

As well as checking the rubber seals - and I could see that the screw holes didn't line up...
 So, after a LOT of back and forth, I found that the quarter window openning needed to be enlarged by about 1/2".
 ACCCK!! But sometimes it has to be done....

And with a little touch up, all is good and everything fits as it should.

Painting trim pieces

The more important thing to any paint work is cleanliness. Before any filler or primers are applied, after sanding and before any top coats, a good Wax & Grease remover solvent is critical. I use 3 kinds, Acetone, Duplicolor's Wax & Grease Remover and Pro-Form's Final Wipe. I put Final Wipe in this handy sprayer and use it before priming or top coating anything:

Here are all the grille peices are done in Trim Black:

            And the pieces going back together;