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January 13, 2012

1967 Galaxie 500XL Convertible.

Torque boxes, built to add rigidity to convertibles and big-power cars (Hemi's), they had a tendency to collect mud and dirt and rot out....

First, I propped the car up LEVEL - with the jack under the front Cross member and big wood blocks under the tranny mount. Then I stripped off the parts that where in the way, including removing the mudflaps and loosening the inner fender.

Next I spent about an hour spend cleaning all the accumulated dirt and dried mud out of the inner rockers, frame rail and cowl area. I hooked a length of heater hose to the vacuum and pushed it into the voids where everything had collected. There was a ton of stuff in there!

Here's a cool shot of the hose reaching right into the frame rail:

It kept coming out too - even found a peanut shell!

I undid the E-brake cable (heating the nut with the torch) and after about an hour with various grinders and cut-off wheels, this is what I was left with:

Now it's time to put the rust to sleep as best we can. First up is always Metal Ready from POR15. It's similar to many of the rust-fixing products that use Phosphoric Acid to turn Iron Oxide (rust) into Iron Oxite (An inert black substance). It needs to be kept wet for 30-60 minutes.

There was still MORE dirt and loose rust in the rail and rockers, so out came the long picks and vacuum hose.

Since it's so hard to get any POR15 or Rust Encapsulator deep into the frame rail, Eastwood came up with an Internal Frame Coating system, consisting of a moisture repelling primer and a long nozzle hose with a conical tip that sprays the product in several directions deep in the rail.

Unfortunately, since I had used this can and applicator before, it wouldn't work this time. I tried to clean it and clear it out, but it just wouldn't shoot....so on to plan B!

Another Eastwood rust treatment, Rust Encapsulator, is supposed to keep rust at bay. Although I sprayed a couple heavy coats on the inners, I just wanted  a "first" coat on the outer pieces. That's because I'll be welding pieces to it all before applying a second/third heavy coat

Next up, I'll cut and fit all the pieces for welding.

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