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January 19, 2015

Porsche break

Via www.E-tekRestorations.googlepages.com !

When I get frustrated after doing one job too long (wiring!), I often just switch tasks to something else - which mixes things up and renews my interest in being in the shop:

                    With everything opened up you have access to the top side of the engine bay -

One of the est things about having a Porsche is knowing that every owner (2 before me) had very likely taken incredible care with it, leaving it in near perfect shape, near 14 years later.

Parts, plugs and patience!

Via www.E-tekRestorations.googlepages.com !

Lots of parts and pieces needed have come in, making if possible to finalzie many of the jobs.
 Rag Joint for Ididit Steering column:

90* fitting for fuel pump:

New 3/8" fuel hose:

Chrome capped bumper bolts:

....and with those, it was time to pre-asssemble the rear bumper bar:

Odd marks around the square cut holes....hopefully not a place for rust to start!

Newly painted brackets - 

Fuel lines get a corrugated cover for extra protection -

Notice the 90* fitting making the fuel line much more relaxed,
                                                           with no pinch-points that could sever

Replacing the V-belt pulley for serpentine on Sanden AC pump .
Here I made a wrench to hold the pulley still while I loosened the centre bolt - 

With the Serpentine pulley on, I tried the pump in the space again...

But the ass-end is still up against the engine block....

 With the AC pump back on the bench - until more research proved it to be the wrong model for the kit.....I got back to wiring and got 'er nearly done:

                          Lots of solder used on the fused link 12V+ that powers the gauges -

Remote GPS mount for speedo - 

the lengths I go to make everything right, watertight and gutten-tight!