February 9, 2016

Ford Flathead side-mount engine stand

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The little Warn Winch comes in handy in so many applications:

To access the Flatty in most angles, I fabricated a side mount, bolted it to the exhausts mounting holes on on side of the flatty and then to the engine stand:

Makes for an odd orientation, but it's all very accessible:

1956 International 4x4: Metal work and box floors

Brought to you by:  www.E-tekRestorations.googlepages.com 

With the cab corner and door bottoms fabbed and shaped
 - and the inners prepped and solid - it was time to weld!

Once it's welded solid, the wleds are ground down...

The floor for the box was up next. The closest we could come was this full-size GM floor.
 With 8" cut off each corner, it should drop right in

Perfect cuts!

Should drop right in!