December 22, 2013

Time for an UPDATE!

My apologies for not posting an update for a while....with all the things I keep myself busy with, including posting on my favorite site (, sometimes re-posting it all for my blog, my web-site and on my other favorite sites falls behind!

Anyways, here's a pictorial update on the projects I have going on in the E-tek Rod-Shop.....

The 40Ford is close to being ready for the upholstery shop so I'm getting all the last little things done. Here I'm checking then fitment of it's custom cover (massive!)  -

Final wiring of the dash, including gauges, lights and the Vintage Air HVAC system:

Final wiring of the headlights included LED running lights as well as a park and signal light retrofit:

Wiring for the sound system and lighted mirrors was run, plus the door locks and poppers all had to be double checked:

With the 40Ford nearing completion, I started turning my attention to the 67 Camaro:

First up of course is to remove the interior:

Headliner coming down. It wasn't put in very well, but it's still in good shape, so I'm doing my best to save it. Hopefully it can go back in and we can tighten it up on re-install:

I have to say, I'm pretty lucky to be able to work on some of the coolest classics on the planet! 

Thanks for checking in and Stay tuned!