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December 8, 2014

Snowmobiles and AirConditioning....seriously?

Mrs E-tek had someone drop of a 'new' toy for her to use at the farm. Being as generous as she is beautiful, she made sure there was something in it for me too....

Little 2 cylinder engine is reasonably easy to work on....

Except for anything to do with the fuel system! Giant air box covers all the real estate shown empty below. After cleaning the carbs and lines, I put it all back together and couldn't get fuel....

Turned out the suction line in the tank was broken off and laying in the bottom! 
Hard to get any fuel to carbs like that....time for a pars run.

And with that project on temporary hold, it was back to the Camaro's AC >>

Once I get the AC sorted (10,15 hrs?), I might be able to 
make a dent on the pile 'o parts gathering up on the work-table!

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