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November 15, 2011

Bed wood and chrome trim

The bed wood was delivered by one of the owners. It looks spectacular! Several coats of marine-grade Epoxy where used and they look like glass was glued to each piece! This is really going to be a crowning touch.

What should be a fairly straightforward install was thrown into disarray when I noticed some fitment issues. The rails that where replaced on the box sides where giving me grief. Although a lot of measuring and fitting was done - there doesn't seem to be enough room to get the wood under those pieces. Everything else fits well and it should go together well, as soon as I figure out this issue!

Anytime I run into a "problem", I generally think it through for a while, then go on to something else before going back to it. Next up was installing the (now black) trim pieces. To further protect the fenders - and ensure a tight fit -  I cut out some rubber washers to act as cushions behind the nuts that attach these trim pieces to the body panels.

They look great - if I do say so myself!

The hood trim is like the crowning touch! I think it looks great either way: black and red or red and black. After more research I found examples of both styles, so I'm sure it's a matter of personal taste.

Next, the  Front and rear glass gets installed, then I can install the doors!

A few other things that where done today include getting the taillights mounted, a front tire was removed for resealing and I spent a couple hours getting my 390FE engine onto a new engine stand.
If you're interested in a 390FE rebuild, plus the custom installation of a turbo to it, stay tuned to this blog!