February 29, 2012

Back to the fun!!

Finally got some time to work on the Galaxie again and broke thorugh the worst part, that of rebuilding the torque boxes. This right rear wasthe last one to be done:

Once that was all done (phew!), I started the mock up of the exhaust. I still haven't decided whether to try and remove the stock exhaust manifolds, which makes a difference in both the manifold end and the overall length of pipe required.

The 2 1/2" pipe looks massive and is going to make a huge difference. I've been told it could make a 30-50HP difference....I doubt it'll be that much, but we'll see.

Next up is getting the real control/trailing arms back in. I tried everthing I could using my makeshift press but couldn't get the bushings to seat, so I'll take them to a shop tomorrow.  At the same time I'll buy some extra 2 1/2" tubing.

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