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October 30, 2012

No photos...

I have been reading (and studying) up on high-end vehicle wiring and AC installation and am amazed at the amount of work it takes to wire up a new rod from scratch - even with an aftermarket harness. Add to that the wiring and installation of an AC system, EFI, power locks and windows and a full compliment of gauges  and we're talking weeks of full-time effort!

Unfortunately, for a Blog such as this - dependent largely on photo's over the written word - there's not a lot to show!  Today I spent 4 hours routing and connecting the power window and lock wiring, running the AC vacuum hoses that open and close the doors for the heater, vents and defrost sections of the Vintage Air system, as well as routing the heater hoses.

Compounding things is a metal tube on this model engine that routes hot water for the heater under the intake manifold from the water pump to the back of the engine. The tube terminates right up against the firewall where a hose would normally be fitted and attached to the heater core. In this custom application, there's no room to route a hose from there, then to the Vintage Air Heater Control Valve before attaching to the firewall bung leading to the Vintage air heater core. To remedy this, I'll have to remove the intake manifold (1.5hr book time!) and either remove or cut the metal tube back so that the heater hose can be routed properly. All part of the fun in building a custom rod!

 I've got a fair amount of time booked in the shop this week and hope to get a lot of this stuff knocked off. Stay tuned - I'll take photo's of the good stuff tomorrow!

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