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October 31, 2012

Unearthing parts and pieces....

The wheels went on and the Cougar went to paint today....

Here's where the Cougar sat - giving me back my engine and metal fabrication areas!


Lots more time spent on wiring the 40 Ford today.

Below is the door opener actuator control box. Once it's all wired up I'll mount it to the inside of the dash panel.

The wiring for the door actuators and power windows were all slipped through the door wire tubing:

The power window switch is wired up and awaiting it's spot in the soon to be fabricated console.

As discussed in my last  post, there's a metal tube that routes the water from the water pump to the back of the engine and then on to the heater core. In this application however, there was no room to connect it that way, so I had to move the EFI harness, un-bolt the intake plenum and remove that tube in order to re-route things...


Also un-earthed some long-dead residents in the process!

Below: I'm holding the tube I removed from under the intake plenum which will be exchanged for a hose connecting the water pump to the heater exchange unit hanging from the firewall bung.

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