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November 7, 2011

A better wrench?

A couple posts back I lamented on wanting to get a set of these new ratcheting open-end wrenches. These Mastercraft double-ended wrenches where on-sale at Canadian Tire so I poneyed up the $50 ($24.99 for each SAE and Metric sets) and brought them home.  The beauty of Mastecraft tools, in addition to their decent design, is the Lifetime Warranty. Like Snap-On, MAC and Craftsman tools, these are a one-time only purchase. Unlike Snap-On and MAC, it's much easier to find a Canadian Tire store (in Canada!) than a tool truck!!

When I brought them home, Mrs. E-tek said: "You buy tools like I buy Jewelry!"....but I had to disagree - these wrenches just made my other 4 sets of open-end wrenches obsolete. I can only HOPE that doesn't happen with diamonds!

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