September 24, 2012

Time to clean up the driver

Did some clean-up on the daily drivers today, including a nice detail on Mrs E-tek's Mini Cooper  - 
and an ultra detail on my Caravan. I know - most people hate the Mini-Van, but these are truly the most utilitarian The decision to clean it up came after I broke the mirror in a parking garage last week:

Here it is - the entire side was broken off (ooops). I glued in the few pieces I picked up and made the rest out of body filler. After some sanding, a couple more coats of filler, more sanding and some primer, I painted it with trim-black.

All the wheels were showing their age (it's an '06), so they were painted with Duplicolor's wheel paint,
then clear-coated. Total factory-look.

                      The wipers and mud-guards were painted with Duplicolor's trim black.

While that was all drying, I did a little more work on the 240Z. After welding up the drivers side rail I decided more of the old rail should come off,

I bent up a piece on the brake and worked it into shape:

I purchased this chisel-shaping set last week at Princess Auto. It's awesome. It has many different heads that will be really useful in shaping and they just pop in and out with a spring-lock. Great handle and hand protection too. Totally could have used this set over the years!!

Here's the Caravan after unmasking and cleaning. Hope to get another few years out of it!

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