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December 9, 2011

Lights, decals, ACTION!

More details today......

I put in a "near" final LMC order for the owners and the parts arrived today. All those little things forgotten, overlooked, or just plain missed - until it's nearly done. But what a difference they can make! One of my (many) favourite parts of these restorations are the decals. They make the vehicle look like it just came from the dealership!

....along with the other stuff that came in the package.

This is a Peep Mirror. So small, yet it nearly makes the entire truck!

Interior light cover. You'd never notice it - until it isn't there.

Marker lights. Licence plate and surround.

The plate alone took several hours of work. It was bent, rusty and illegible. An earlier post describes the steps, but in a nutshell: sand-blast, hammer and dolly, then wood paddle and dolly, sand, primer, sand and repeat (x5!), paint lettering white, then clear. When dry apply top color - which all wrinkled due to some mismatched chemical. Strip again, primer, paint raised letters white, clear, top coat again. This time all good. Wet sand  top color off lettering to expose the white, then cleared the entire plate. Nothing to it!

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