January 12, 2015

Wiring the Camaro and The Art of Zen

 If you think you're going to wire up a car - perhaps with a "so-called" Painless" wiring harness, or maybe you're going to splice in a new AC unit, new gauges, or even a stereo, you'd best get in the right frame of mind!

Some of the mess I started with - the original harness had been out, put back in, spliced for stereo's and who knows what else.....Agh!

So, I got my "Zen" on and began with a plan. The orignal gauge harness is on top, while one of 4 (yes FOUR!), new ones is on the bottom. Instructions are a must.

The original speedo-cable with grommet  wasstill attached. It has long since fit the hole, since the last electrician decided to route most of everything else through the same hole...jamming other plastic convoluted tubes thrugh the same hole -

The gauges had 2 harnesses each, one for power and lights, the other for speed and RPM signals.

Connections for water temp, oil pressure and to the tach for RPM, where next. The oil pressure  gauge was mechanical, but this gauge system is all electrical, so a bung was swapped in, turning oil pressure into into an electrical signal,

Slowly, each wire was identified, routed, labelled and connected. 
Everything was soldered and heat-shrink wrapped.

The original thermostat housing took off to the left, towards the upper rad-hose connection, but with the temp sensor installed, the hose would not fit on the housing. 

The answer was a straight-aread thermostat housing swap....