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June 7, 2014

Finally - some time to get the rest of stable ready for summer!

Our `967 Galaxie lost ALL brakes over the winter sojourn - so I couldn't get it home until today - when I had time to attach the tow-bar and tow it behind the all-useful Mini-Van!

Now that's it' back at the E-tek Rod Shop :) , I bled the bakes all around, then did the last few things needed on the 390FE swap-engine:

 Since I was in the swing of it all, the Mini Cooper needed a belt-adjustment -

 She's a tight fit - but that can be a good thing!
It's way down there....
With the maintenance issues out of the way,
 I was able to turn my attention back to the 68 Camaro restoration - 

The gaps and joints pretty much aligned perfectly. All that's left is to get it up on the lift to sew up the welds at the bottom of the quarters and rear panel....

Each panel is perfect and no filler is required.

Another big announcement occured thsi week as well: The upholstery shop: RIP STITCH called to say theat the 1940 Ford  - aka Project Leonard - was done and ready to move!!  Stay tuned for MAJOR photo's along it's route to being finalized!