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September 29, 2019

A look back: E-tek Racing, with our Driver, Shannon "Chili" Hill!

  A look back: E-tek Racing, 
with our Driver, Shannon "Chili" Hill!

Everyone who loved cars thinks about racing. MAny of those people DREAM about it. Some people dream about it a lot and talk about getting a racing licence and maybe, just maybe, one day get some seat time in a real race car!

So, where to start? Well, it helps to know someone with the skills, time and money - and motivation - to get started. Then, buy yourself a car - and get started!

Race cars hate weight. The more you can strip, the better. So, out came the interior, the sound deadener, the wiring - and anything else not needed to go, turn and operate.

Next is strength. A solid chassis handles better. Most small cars are unibody of some sort, which means most of it is held together with the same light sheet metal as are the body parts. Sure, through carefully engineered bends, boxing and gussets its made stronger, but anywhere you can add rigidity and tie-ei, is a good thing.

This gusset, along with double-walling the top and bottom structures, gave the front end of this 240Z an incredible amount of rigidity, allowing us to delete and external, or after-market, shock-tower bracing.
The front cross member is also a source of flex and stress. This was actually hardened and thickened by a special chrome-like process, called nickle-alloy overplating.

The rear suspension arms where also nicke-alloy plated and the stock strut springs where swapped out for TOKIKO's, which are 30% stiffer and 1.5" lower than stock.

With everything stripped from the interior, a special seam sealer was applied to ensure moisture and fumes did not penetrate the cockpit.

We couldnt have compelted this project without a driver who wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty wrenching, sanding or promoting. Her motivation, positivity and ability to work towards an end goal made the entire project worthwhile.

After a year of long hours in the garage -designing, wrenching, sanding, it was finally painted, thanks to Brighouse Auto Body, in Richmond BC. Few know that this was the shop I grew up in, owned by my father, which was sold off after his passing. 
The new owner, Frank, did me a solid and painted it for us at cost.

Sponsors are as important as is practice when building a race car - and lucky for us, sales was something neither of us had any problem with!

With the car looming good, we kept promoting it, doing gigs for our sponsors, all the while testing and tuning until all the bugs where worked out.

And finally, it was TRACK time! 
Westwood Raceway in Vancouver was our home track.

Once again, we thank our sponsors, but mostly, it's a tribute to putting your mind to something and getting it done!