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August 28, 2016

1956 International 120 - The Complete restoration

                                              Via www.E-tekRestorations.googlepages.com

The box of any truck takes a beating - hauling loads, trying stuff down, trhowing stuff into, onto and over the sides....and this International's box was no different. It led a hard life - the rails are dented front to back and even crushed in one spot, The front end is bowed out from years of having things thrown into it. The tailgate is thin from rust, broken in spots and out of shape. So why n6t f5nd a better one and sawp it out? Believe me, I looked! Anything you can find is even worse off - and since I was changing out the floor anyways, the largest part was done.....or so I hoped...

Working the sides to be close enough only to need a skiff of filler was our goal:

A couple last rusted-though areas tended to with new metal:

Metal-finishing the sides takes a lot of work, but saves on a lot of filler....

Starting to look like a truck box again! 
Soon it'll look like a NEW truck box.

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