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August 23, 2013

1968 Camaro complete restoration

Next up at E-tek Restorations is this red 1968 Camaro with Rally stripes. It had been restored in a pro-street manner, with coil-overs and a stout 383 Stroker with TFI heads, a Demon carb and  headers. Unfortunately, the bodywork was done to a low standard and  - other than a decent shaved firewall job - the rest was showing the signs of improper splicing, poor welds and too much filler.

So the body will be brought up to the same standard as the engine. New full quarters, doors and hinges will be installed. A Vintage Air system will replace the heater that was removed when the firewall was shaved. Upon re-assembly the car will get a completely new interior, with sound and heat insulation.

Upon closer inspection, you can see signs of larger troubles lying under the surface - 

WOW - there a TON of sealer and adhesives under the (painted...) drip rail mouldings!

With the window channel seal removed we can see rust starting on all the fasteners - 

That's it for now. Next up is full dis-assembly and cataloguing of all the various parts before ordering the body panels required for the restoration.

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