May 22, 2012

The Owner of the Cougar just dropped off these front inner splash sheilds. They are restored ORIGINALS, which in my book are the best parts you can get (next to NOS). They look perfect.

One of the idiosyncracies of doing this kind of work is all the time and effort that goes into things that will rarely - or never - be seen again. Like these splash shields - the only people that will see them are people changing tires or brakes - and only if they try. Other stuff, like undercarriage work, welding, inner engine work, gas and brake lines, etc., also becomes "no-see" work.

When I got to work with my Dad in his bodyshop, or his top guys (many years ago) I was told to work on these items for those few that will be most intimate with the vehicle over time. They are the ones that will really appreciate it anyways and are the hardest to impress - so do it right.

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