March 22, 2015

Finishing touches - Part 1 (of 10 at least - LOL!)

 Grille and headlight doors.... funny how they never go back in as easily as they came out!

                                           Everything fits nice and tight behind new grille -

The grille looks so good I couldn't use the top chrome strip due to some previous damage. We'll order that up with the front market lights.

Bumpers where finally next on the agenda.


With the front end ready to be lowered back down, I did a rough toe adjustment -

These new tie-rod adjusters really simplify toe-in 

Getting far enough along that the name plates may as well be on...

Looks almost done here!

A quick buff o the center caps before they where re0installed...

 Next week I'll trim the carpet, install the console and a few other things and it'll pretty much be ready for sub-trades: Interior, AC system finalize and charge, wheel alignment and such...

 As with every proejct, while bitter-sweet to see it go, it'll be a blast to see it at a car show, or carving turns at an aautocross!