December 18, 2011

Like Father, Like Son....

My 8 year old son Colt has been into LEGO for years now. But these aren't the (boring) blocks we all used as kids - now LEGO comes in more pieces and sets than Detroit uses to build their fleets! Not to mention the characters: including LEGO StarWars people of every iteration, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO Ferrari sets, there's hundreds and the boy has gotten many for birthdays, Christmases and many purchased using his own allowance.

Of course in these days of cross marketing, there are also LEGO Video Games for the various consoles. We have aWii and the kid has had the LEGO StarWars Game for a while, then got the newest LEGO Batman game. Interestingly though, LEGO doesn't make the Batman characters yet - but that doesn't stop a creative mind!

So last week Colt asked me for my shop SHARPE markers. He went out and got a few, then made himself busy upstairs. A little while later, he showed me his new LEGO Batman and Robin Mini-figures. Then again today, he called me to come see his latest creations:

The green one, well none other than the Riddler. The white one? Two-Face....and the blue one is Mr Freeze. Later he made Poison Ivy and some other villains I don't know.  One thing I do know - the new world is full of incredible new jobs that kids like Colt will be able to chase. It's a far cry from Policeman, Fireman or Tradesman.....

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