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October 8, 2013

40 Ford progress!

Front Windshield prep included scraping gunk from the front glass' centre support:

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Now THAT's a BOOTY!!

The E-tek Rod Shop has enough going on that Showtime Glass has to come 2 days in a row. Today they got the windshield and hatch glass in the 1971 240Z project and tomorrow they'll be back to do the very difficult job of installing the 1940 Ford front and rear glass.

The boss (Chase, left) even showed up to lend a hand - but only one, since he had just broken an elbow in a long-boarding accident....

Tools of the glass-installers trade:

The Z gets a windscreen -

This thin aluminum trim gets inserted into the rubber seals, front and back:

On the 40 Ford, the engine was hooked to the rear end, first getting a new trans seal:

Out with the old:

In with the new:

Cleaning the yoke so the seal can best do its job:

The engine, now being connected physically to the rear wheels, needs a lot of wiring work to be hooked up completely. Sometimes I equate it with surgery - orthopaedic surgery first, brain surgery second.... ;)


Lastly, I bolted the rear bumper on - 

Now THAT's a BOOTY!!