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November 13, 2011

Chrome trim paint

Today was Sunday. Family and rest....but rest takes on many forms - right?

After a family walk and playing with the kids for a few hours, I sat down to search out some more information on the ignition wiring situation and did a little detailing on some of the trim pieces. You may recall I painted them red first. While looking at different examples with one of the owners, including the LMC parts book, we decided they should be black, with red inserts. Today, with a razor, I carefully stripped the paint from the parts that are to be left chrome. I think they look great!

Anyone who has done some factory-correct restoration work knows how much research goes into a build. Like anything, these days information is readily available - if you search long and hard enough. After a couple hours of troubleshooting the ignition on Friday, I found a better schematic today online and got some more information from the members on the HAMB Forum. The HAMB forum is devoted to older cars and trucks in every form and a great place to get a lot of information quickly.

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