November 17, 2012

Hood work.....

The 40 Ford's hood is very original. Likely painted only once - and perhaps not completely - maybe just in the repaired spots such as where the latch plate was bolted to the hoods edge as shown below. 

I attached the latch plate to be sure everything lined up before I formed the other two ends and welded them in. It's pretty close, which at least shows us that the hood is somewhat even, side to side - not pushed over or buckled anywhere.

Having not been re-painted, one can see there's a lot of deep surface rust that needs sandblasting.

The hinges will need to be straightened, plus new rivets installed to tighten them up:

Here you can see a crack was welded at one of the stress points.
 On Saturdays, I have decided to spend an hour or two on my own stuff, including at getting some of the several engines I have sitting on stands.

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