October 12, 2011

1956 Chevrolet Apache/3100 truck restotation - for show!

This is a copy of the first post in my thread located on Garage Journal. The truck is nearing completion, which I'll document here as well. If you want to see the entire build, check it our here:  1956 Chevy Apache Restoration
A friend of mine came into this beautiful survivor originally purchased by his Uncle and now owned by his Dad. It sat in a farm field, in the most extreme weather conditions, for 27 years. Prior to that it was a working farm truck in addition to taking 10 yearly trips to the coast (1200+ miles each way!). Upon it's retirement from road duty, it pulled a plow through farms and gardens. Through it all, it barely rusted - and I mean BARELY. It also still boasts it's original paint, the original engine and drive train and even the original factory grease-pencil markings.
My friend and his BIL began the resto by disassembling, bagging and tagging everything. They had the engine professionally rebuilt and have it stored in plastic. They ordered all the parts they thought needed, including two sill/steps, to repair the only real rusted areas on the truck. After getting both sides cut out and one side welded in, they decided they just didn't have the time or expertise to get it finished.
That's where I come in. They brought it out to my place today and I'll get it finished for them. This is definitely "cherry" work for me - as most resto's I do begin with months, maybe years, of rust work! I wasn't even going to take on an outside project this year due to wanting to do a lot of work on my Galaxie and 240Z projects...but I think I can juggle them all.

This is also my first Chevy! Not that I dislike Chevy's per se, it's just that I've found other makes come my way. But enough typing. Here's the first set of pics, to be updated over this winter, as I get it back to shape it was in when it left the factory... I hope you enjoy the progress.

They did a good job on the step, but found out just how much work it takes.

Original sheet metal - no rust!

Old-time ballast!! No wonder I never worked on Chevy's!!

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Buy (North) American - save our economies!

Some of you may have caught the bit on the news lately of the reporter who spoke to economists and found that if home builders used just 5% more "Made in the US" materials, that the economy would grow by 250,000 jobs. He put together a list of US tool, equipment and material makers and faxed it to builders across the country. It's EXACLTY what we need and I think it could - and should - spread to every other industry. Certainly we - as tool, equipment, parts and building material purchasers can do our part.

(Of course the key is that it's completely VOLUNTARY - so I don't really want to hear about how you don't believe in propping businesses up, market pressures dictating survival, price bitching or the like. )

Check it out here:


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