November 8, 2012

More Wiring, Seats, Dash vents

Finalized the fan wiring on the 40 Ford with a 40Amp relay:

Mounted other engine relays to the inner fender:

Wired up the water temp and alternator leads:

Put it all in wire looms, then bolted the front end back together:

 Inside, I re-arranged the pedals as per owners request (surprise!)

Then removed the seats in order to fabricate some mounting tabs so they could be bolted in:

The seats supplied had these tabs in front that clipped into holes in the original vehicle:

Which needed to be removed and some feet welded on in their place that could be bolted down.
I turned the seats over on a stool and taped cardboard down in order to protect the seats from burns:

Off came the tabs:

New feet cut and drilled:

Then welded onto the seat bottoms:

I then turned the seats over and welded the tabs from the top-side. We don't need them coming apart!

The seats were re-positioned, holes drilled in the floor panel and then they were bolted in using spacers to get them leveled out. I used pieces of wood for now, but will try to source something else for a permanent solution.

 These side vents are supposedly made to fit these holes in the 40 Ford dash. They don't fit very well no matter which way I inserted them....

I'll have to either re-work the edges to even them out, or find some type of bezel that could fill in the gaps...

Tomorrow we'll be able to put the dash in loosely in order to begin the initial mock up of the console. Lots of "big changes" coming up!

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