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September 12, 2013

Lots happening again at the E-tek Rod Shop!

The 40 Ford Rod about to painted:

     A couple of the smaller pieces where painted first to double check the color:  CHECK!

Leonard picked a winner with Stormy Blue Mica -

At the same time, the '68 Camaro is in tear-down mode as we await the quarters and door shells:

Pretty clean for a '68 though...

The rear seat frame was never painted, but although it's rusty, it's still solid.

 A perfect candidate for POR15. When the car goes back together it'll get new Jute and all new upholstery.

Parts - bagged tagged and piling up!

Found this interesting bit under the Left Quarter Trim Panel.....could it be one of those famous factory lineman autographs we've heard so much about? Or did the last restorer do that?

The other thing you'll notice is the damage and slide hammer holes. This is on the INSIDE panel remember - likely meaning the car was in a MAJOR accident at some point.....

The 240Z was SO close to being painted.....then I got sidetracked and changed my MIND on the color.  I was trying my BEST to talk myself into the color I mixed, but I just couldn't do it.  It all happened because I'm so PICKY I had to fix a few more things, then I saw the color for the 40Ford (Leonard picked a winner!) and it didn't help that my 9 year old son HATED the color I mixed!

So here it sits - awaiting a few minor repairs, a door gap adjustment - and a different color.

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