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November 30, 2014


Today's work included mocking up the wiper motor and arms, 
as well as the beginnings of the Vintage Air AC system. 
Both required removal of the cowl panel.

The wiper motor takes up a fair amount of real estate on the firewall, but luckily its just to the side of the engine, luckily not interfering with the valve covers or coil.

Odd things people do to get the job done.  Here an engine kill switch was glued in....

Masking tape holding the speed wiring harness together -

And then, upon removing the steering wheel...

                                                                 I found washers taped to the steering wheel button...

Hopefully it'll all go back together - and work - by spring!

Everything gets upgraded - including the 46 year old center dash speaker!

Under the dash, I used the included template to drill holes for the AC unit


                                                Next up - quarter and door windows!