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October 18, 2012

Working on the 40 Ford Rod aftermarket wiring harness and power window mechanisms this week.....

When manufacturers name something "Painless", or as in this case "It's a Snap", ya gotta wonder what the ulterior is!  Actually kidding because -  although wiring a car from scratch is quite the process, these kits sure do get you off to a good start. The fuse box has a couple tabs to drill and screw the unit to the firewall, then has looms of wire for each section of the vehicle: engine and front end (form blinkers to alternator), the dash, interior items and rear end (fuel pump to brake lights). Each wire is labelled every foot, making it easy to trace it's source from the fuse box to its terminal end.

Above: The fuse box is mounted under the dash and each loom is routed to it's specified location.

In order to get the front end wires located, a hole needs to be drilled in the firewall and all the wires need to passed through in order to connect them all to the factory engine and front-end harnesses.

The power window mechanisms that came with the car came without instructions. Thank God once again for the Internet. After struggling with them yesterday for a bit, I spent last night researching forums and YouTube video's and found a couple sources containing partial instructions and - along with a lot of trail and error - managed to cut the rails correctly, bolt them up in the right way and successfully test the drivers side:

Tomorrow it's more of the same: I'll get the passenger side window done and then begin the arduous task of splicing in the "It's a Snap" harness into the engine management harness.

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