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November 3, 2012

Sometimes it helps with planning by thinking out loud, or writing stuff down. With a lot of the background wiring done on the 40 Ford, as well as some of the systems like power windows, locks and latches, as well as the AC and heating systems mocked up, I can get to some of the stuff that actually makes the car LOOK different!

On the front end, the rad and fan will go in next. As the tranny fluid lines are too heavy to bend by hand we`ll likely have to wait to make the final tranny cooling connections along with the AC system. By working around that, I`ll be able to get the rad, fan and relay bolted in and set up, as well as pre-fit the front end, hood and grille pieces.

The dash panel will first go on a rack so I can pre-fit the gauge cluster plate, AC side vents, glove box door and other details. Once everything is done I`ll put it in the car for another stint as I work towards the console fabrication. The gauges will be hooked up with a MOLEX style connector for easy in and outs and servicing.

Once the seats are in their final positions I`ll drill mounting points and use Grade 8 hardware to fasten then down, The front mounts have a slip-in design but I`ll likely weld on a tab for a through- bolt. Wood spacers will be used to level the seats up until I can find something more suitable, like ABS block.

With the seats and dash in place I can then begin the mock up the center console. For strep I I have sheets of Bristol board to cut up and tape together, Once it`s close I`ll use the pattern to cut some sides out of thin wood sheet then work with the owner to determine the style for the top side.

Working back around the rear, I`ll wire up the lights, fuel pump relays and the battery. No  point having the battery in place until all the major components and wiring is done, but at this point we`ll be able to start hooking stuff up and testing circuits.

The only bad plan - is the absence of a plan. :)

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