August 2, 2013

E-tek's Real-World Rust Preventative Paint comparison Test

After applying Rust Bullet to those 40 Ford inner fenders, I got to thinking that it'd be a good exercise to compare it to my current go-to rust rust-preventative paint, POR15, which I've previously reviewed on my site, www., so a side-by-side long-term (12 month), real-world comparison with the newest rust preventative product in my shop seemed in order!

The substrate being used is an inner door frame support section with fairly even mild to moderate surface rust after being exposed to the elements for a couple of years in my metal bin.

POR15 and Rust Bullet were both brushed onto the test piece, directly over the rust, front and back, as per the manufacturers recommendations: one coat for POR15 and 2 coats for Rust Bullet. 

A clean brush and container was used for each product and the temperature and humidity were within manufacturers recommended ranges for best application. 

I affixed the metal to a white board and labelled everything to record the exercise, then I removed it and have placed it outside, where it will remain for the next 30 days. To test further the resiliency of the products, the test piece will be affixed to the bottom of my work vehicle for the winter season!
I do a lot of driving, in all conditions and in all seasons -  in central Canada - so a more "real-world" test I cannot imagine. The paints will be subjected to temperatures as low as minus 40C/40F, road dirt and grime, road salt mixtures and sand. As both sides of the panel were coated, we'll also get a good idea of exposed vs. protected metal surfaces.

This close-up shot is a little deceiving here but in reality both products looked very similar as they were drying - with similar raised bumps over the surface - which I'm assuming is due to the products outgassing while drying. 

 An hour after application,the two products had a similar sheen, with the POR15 drying slightly more matte (flat) and the Rust Bullet ever so slightly shinier.The differences were negligible though and both closely match the OEM black used by factories on frame and engine compartment components. Should a very specific color be required, both products can be topcoated with other products readily available.

Stay tuned for us attaching the test panel to my daily driver 
and updates throughout the next 12 months!