November 23, 2014

Camaro Update!

Worked hard on the Camaro today...first getting more parts organized and pre-assembled

Then pre-assembling the various parts, in this case the wiper system. 
Original Equipment was all removed when someone "shaved" the firewall...
At least now the owner will be able to see if caught in the rain!

Spent quite a bit of time on the rear end re-assembly as well - 
Belwo I'm cleaning and re-installing all the parts that came off for paint:

Here I'm using #00 steel wool  to shine up the chrome

The lenses all got progressively sanded with 600, 1500 and 2000 grit, using Fine Cut polish

 This one was damaged at one time, but most of it came out using the above process. About half way done here -
If I say so myself, this is how a quarter panel edge should look after being welded to the end panel! Too often this seam disappears under weld, or worse - filler - during the repair

 Same with the quarter to filler panel - 

Tell me that's not FIRST-PLACE SHOW-QUALITY work!!

On another note, I downloaded this Pa from Trmec, which calculated the final angle of the drive shaft - ensuring its in the safe zone taking into account the engine/trans and the rear pinion angles.

You lay it across machined surfaced of the transmission and rear end, as well as along the drive shaft - 

And it tells you if something needs to be moved, so the U-joints aren't over-stressed, often showing as a vibration while driving.