March 23, 2013

PART II - Finishing the install of a B&M shift Kit and new filter in the Ford AOD transmission

Before the valve body gets re-installed, the accumulator valve on the tranny-side gets a heavier, shorter spring and a spacer to make up the difference -

Once that is installed, the valve body goes back on, using some alignment pins that come with the kit -

 Critical here is to get the gear-selector levers fit into the actuators as you seat the valve body - 

Once they are positioned and checked and the valve body is seated flush, 
the 20 shouldered bolts can be installed hand tight - then torqued to 90 lb-inches,

Next came the new filter -

Everything getting torqued to 90-100 lb-inches and triple checked.

 Last came the pan gasket an bolts, again torqued to specw, which was ACTUALLY stated  as 72-124 lb-inches - as if any torque wrench even had those markings! so I used a mid-way amount of 100.

So that's it! The keys to doing it? Cleanliness, acute attention to detail, reading and re-reading the instructions over and over, checking off the steps and studying the pictures in detail. You CAN do it.

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