November 22, 2014

Seized engines and A/C

When you work on cars because you love them, you end up doing weird things with your weekends. For example, I went out to a farm yard last weekend and picked up 2 seized flathead engines, over 60 years old, that were pulled from some old farm implements - paying over $300 for them, including lunch and gas. 

Since that time, I've been playing nursemaid to them, spraying  them down withWD40, pouring my special mixture of ATF and KLEEN-FLO  in each cylinder - hoping and praying that deamon of rust hasn't welded the rings to the cylinder walls!

After that, I got a start on the AC system for the Camaro. Like any good automotive engineer, I read through the instructions, then followed them precisely, wanting to be sure everything was done properly. 

 Of course we all know where that can lead.....exactly....
I ended up having to take it apart again  in order to get it mounted! 

Once I undid the fist 30 minutes ( no charge ;)), the condenser was installed

Followed by the dryer and assorted bracketry

I'm sure glad I learned one thing as an older adult : winters spent
working in the shop, building show cars sure beats the HELL 
out of sliding downhill bouncing off the snow on my ass!!