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July 23, 2014

Preparing 68 Camaro for paint prep...

Rear panel and trunk lid alignment: the previous work looks like it was done without using sanding blocks, so we'll make sure it all gets straightened as it gets readied for paint.

The seams and joints where all sealed with PRO-seam sealer and a light coat of rockgaurd was sprayed on

Althought the gaps are even, you can see the body lines don't quite match up. This will be rectified by adjusting the doors, then installing and the latch and striker to ensure the doors line up with a smooth action on the latch.

 The lower quarters that were removed had a ton of filler in them in order to match them up to the rokcer panels. The new quarter was aligned so that only a skim of filler was required.

Attaching a panel is only job one. Aligning the surrounding panels and edges takes is what makes it all look right.

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