December 13, 2012

SnapOn Box restoration Start and 1940 Ford Console Build Pt .1

One of the members of a forum I frequent ( sent me a vintage Snap On box he acquired for his new home garage. GJ is a pretty tight bunch, so I didn't mind helping him out:

It came very well wrapped....but I'm not sure it was warranted - LOL!

Cool vintage Snap On raised script and decal...

Closed up completely:

Opening to reveal the business end:

Make-shift drawer liners where still in place. When I removed them I saw they were pieces of an amateur artists work...

Two pieces fit together to show moose in a field. 
Bet the artist wouldn't be thrilled to see how her work was treat!

The bottom is very rusty and some of the drawer slides were bent and beat up - I had to drill out a couple rivets to remove them all.

The bottom drawer was likely overloaded and pried open at some point:

A good clean up in the parts washer and we'll see what my hammer and dolly can do....

Of course my main concern is still the 40Ford Rod, so I got to work on the console base today -

First up was cutting the giant sheet of  MDF I purchased:

Then I transferred the initial patterns I had made to the MDF:
....and cut those out.

The sides are held using pieces of 2x2

Cutting the holes for the Tach, AC controls and 12V power source. 
In the blank area will be a USB/MP3 connection.

In the end I'll transfer these control decals for the AC knobs:

Once the bases is all set up, I'll apply some filler to hide the joints
and set the tach canted towards the driver -

This was close to five hours of work. Tomorrow I'll cut and shape the base for the shifter and window switches. then use some filler to smooth it all out. It will be upholstered and finished according to the owners wishes - well down the road.

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