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November 4, 2012

Here's the original dash - in very good shape!

Glove box opening needed a bit of tweaking to get the door to fit straight:

Simply bolts up from the back - no plastic tabs, grommets or snaps!

Modern gauges look great in it:

 this old clock was in the box but I don't think it's from this car. Just thought it looked cool.

Radiator, then front nose pieces went on. It's a tight fit due to the narrowing style.

Tight fit with the engine not set back. Many 40 Fords have the firewall cut in order to set the engine further back. This one was dropped right in the cross member.

Rad inlet will likely have to be moved top the center, which will like up directly with the engine thermostat housing:

The tranny cooler lines come close to lining up. I'll get the rad and AC shop to put their touch on these when they do the rest of the fittings. 

Wired in the headlights and ran the fan wire from the aftermarket harness:

I like to use unique fasteners in my builds. Purchased these SS #3 Robertson headed screws to put this rod together. Of course they can always be changed out after paint.

A Hayden Rapid-Cool pusher fan was purchased and installed with a 40A relay:


The front end is coming along now. Just gotta keep the wiring organized!

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