May 3, 2012

The patching continues....

Lots done today - if anyone is wondering how much time I have into it thus far, everything up to and including today comes to 22 hours. I think I should change the sho name to "Honest Ed's"!


Let there be light - LOTS of it!

Speaker hole below cut - by a butcher - I'm guessing!

Not sure why this hole was hacked into the rocker behind the fender....but it had to be closed. NURSE!

I used a small sledge hammer to pull it back out:

Last big thing in front end are these holes cut into the shcok towers. As mentioned, they where cut to access the A-arm ends in order to insert grease nipples. We'll weld them up and install angled nipples. I'm guessing hole saws and angles nips weren't invented when this was done (?)

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