June 13, 2012

Getting BACK at 'er!

Whoa!! Haven't posted for a couple weeks due to being down and out with a case of  Pneumonia. Of course I wasn't right out - I managed to have enough energy one day to pick up this 1927 Model T chassis which will form the basis of a rod project I'm calling the "Pussycat Project":

The gentleman I got it off had a trailer FULL of parts he "inherited" from another old collector when he bought some land:

Got it home and pulled it off the trailer (which wasn't pretty due to not having a ramp)..

Upon further inspection, I found it came with several antique cans and bottles. Maybe some will make it into the final build...

Good front suspension, complete with I-beam, wishbones and steering links:

Rear end turns easily, tho the old banjo won't likely make it into the final iteration!

 I dug out 3-4 inches worth of accumulated mud from the seat pan...

To find very little - and I mean very little - rust under it all! Amazing.

The undercowl gas tank is also in good shape - no leaks!

I removed the rotting wooden box, again to find little rust underneath..

The wooden battery cover seems to have survived - unless it was rebuilt at some point..

Even our cat, Bubbles is getting into it!

 As for a power plant, I have lots of options, one being a Ford Big Block (FE) engine that is just going back together....