October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving - I'm THANKFUL!

At Thanksgiving we're encouraged to think about things we are Thankful for. Me? I'm Thankful for Mrs. E-tek and my family of course, but then are the things that make me, well, me: including my shop, my cars, several good jobs (when lots of people hate the one they have), being able to work on cars at this level - and of course, my Hot Tub....I'm  a simple man.

Today being holiday Monday - and having got quite a bit done on the '40 Ford Rod -  I did some maintenance of my own, including giving the "Ol Man" (our 46 Mercury Truck) a full ignition parts renewal and tune up.

First I cut the new wires to match the old ones, plus 2" to make up for 60 years of shrinkage!

The new blue coil is still 6V, but should add a lot more "spark" to the flathead.

Check out the start-up video - easy start, runs nice!!

After that it was time to put the Old Man back to work....Mrs E-tek and I raked leaves while Colton  dragged them around back and threw them into the truck - Good work Son!!

The owner of the '67 Cougar came by to get the last couple suspension pieces so he can paint them all and then put it all together. He'll bring the parts pre-assembled and we'll bolt 'em up next week. The Cougar will then be a roller again and has a date with the paint shop (Bridgecity Collision) November 1st.

Here it is today:

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