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June 1, 2014

FINALLY - the 66 Camaro project lurches forward!

The roof and quarter panels were welded in place using my Lincoln 180, with ESAB wire through the plug-weld-holes I punched earlieir on -

All the gaps were painstakingly measured and evened-out prior to final welding:

Once everything was welded solid, the welds were prepped with 36 grit, the surrounding metal was gone over with 80 grit and the entire area cleaned with pre-solve to enssure there where no contimants remaining.

Short-strand fibreglass re-enforced filler (referred to as "Kitty Hair" by my Dad!) was used to cover and fill the sail panel and A-pillar welds. It dries har- as-rock and is water proof, making it the best product for this application -

Although it took a lot of work (due to shitty re-pro hinges!)I'm very happy with the gaps.

The inner fenders were welded to the quarter lips as per factory specs:

Whenever I do a big project like this, I think how nice it is to take an old vehicle that had already gone through several restorations - and bring it back to a "no-filler new" state.

Paint is slated for July/August!!

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