November 15, 2015

1956 International Restoration 120 Series: Box and bed deconstruction

With the chasiis and suspension and runnin gear sandblasted clean - and the fenders mostly metalworked I tuned my attention to the truck box - which is ROUGH to say the least!

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First order of buisness was to cut out the old, rusty, perforated floor:

After 3 HARD hours of cutting and grinding, the floor came out. Next was the tedious job of removing the edge remnants:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Last for this weekend where all the metal repairs required to begin fitting the new floor:


November 8, 2015

1956 International Restoration 120 Series: More Metal Work

Completed the rough-repairs to the rear fenders today by welding
 in patches for the missing attachment points.

Next up was the removal of the HEAVY DUTY, hand-made rear step-bumper:

Check this thing out....a lot of arc rods where used...

The original owner ALWAYS meant business: 3" bolts used to hold licence plate on....

Next up was to remove the angel iron that was welded around the rear box opening. It was set up to accept a sheet of plywood for a rear gate. My task is to attempt to return it to be able to accept a tailgate again.....

After going through several cut-off wheels  - and ruining the bearings on one grinder - and getting no-where,  I found this sweet 8" cutting disc and mounted it to the spare angle grinder.

After that little piece of hell (3 hours worth)....I decided to change the view and work on the E-rod

                                        Removed 3 leafs from the rear spring perch suspension:

                                      And just imagine it with these polished heads on it!

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